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Intell X Pro - Gives You Better mental energy

It's easy to make a delicious blueberry Intell X Pro syrup topping for ice cream. Simply place a cup of fresh blueberries into a blender or food processor and lightly puree them. Place the pureed blueberries into a saucepan and heat the mixture until it thickens slightly. Add sugar or another sweetener to taste. You can also add a little apple juice to thin the puree slightly while simmering. Intell X Pro Add this nutritious topping to your next bowl of vanilla ice cream and you won't feel so guilty!

Americans are living much longer these days and current medical research focuses on maintaining good quality of life and Brain Booster function to enjoy all those extra years we're living. So in the first of this two part article, Intell X Pro I'd like to discuss with you what I tell my patients about how aging affects memory loss and some things you can do to preserve good brain health.

I tell my patients that if they want to enjoy a long and productive life, they not only have to stay physically fit but they must stay mentally fit. You need to exercise your brain much the same way you Intell X Pro exercise your body! Here are some things you can do to not only help you remember where your keys went but perhaps prevent dementia and/or Alzheimer disease.